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No beachfront luxury condo is complete without some awesome water toys, especially for the fortunate owners at ONE Cable Beach.  From leisurely cruising under the clear turquoise waters to flying high above the pristine beaches, these top 5 must-have water toys are sure to provide fun and excitement while at ONE Cable Beach.

1. Seabob

The Seabob is one of the coolest ways to glide through the water like a dolphin. Take snorkelling to a whole new level as you travel around the colorful reefs and swim with schools of local fish at speeds of up to 15km/h and depths of up to 40 meters. Compact enough to place in your luxury condo storage and bring with you to the beach, the Seabob lets you easily explore the gorgeous coast of The Bahamas without any additional equipment.

1. Subwing

The Subwing is the perfect toy if you want the experience of flying while underwater. Easy to control and steer, the Subwing gives you the freedom to perform acrobatic feats that are impossible on land or just leisurely cruise on the surface on a hot day. Simply tie the Subwing to the back of your recreational boat, grab hold and dive down to depths of up to 10 meters. The thin profile of the Subwing makes it easy to store while not in use.

3. Easybreath snorkeling mask

Breathing through a snorkel is often considered difficult and uncomfortable. But it’s never been easier with the Easybreath snorkeling mask. The fog resistant full face mask gives you a 180 degree view of the waters of The Bahamas and allows you to breathe naturally while swimming, snorkeling or enjoying your Seabob or Subwing. With a specialized mechanism that stops water from coming into the mask it’s the best companion for a day in the water.

4. Motorized surf board

Surfing in the Bahamas is great, but if you want to take the surfing experience out into open waters, a motorized board is the toy for you. Rip through the water and turn any spot into the perfect surfing environment. Models range from fun to racing depending on your skill level, but all are built to bring along with you when heading out to sea.

5. Hoverboard

For the ultimate in thrilling water toys the hoverboard has to take the top spot. Basically a jetpack strapped to your feet, a hoverboard lets you fly up to 8 meters above the water with a full 360 degree range of motion. Twist, turn, flip and dive with only the power of the water holding you up. Riding a hoverboard really does feel like the future has arrived and it’s smaller and easier to use than other jetpack alternatives that strap onto your back.

Complete your luxury condo experience

As winter approaches in many parts of the world, The Bahamas offers a welcome opportunity to have fun in the water all year round.  Your beachfront condo living experience will certainly include excitement with any of these 5 water toys to grab out of your storage locker.

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