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Standing on pure white sand, watching the sun set over the crystal blue waters of The Bahamas, feeling the cool, salt air breeze coming in off the sea…a perfect romantic setting for a Bahamas Valentines Day.

The Bahamas has some of the best beaches in the world, and many of them can be found within minutes of your luxury condo in Nassau or Paradise Island.

Whether you are looking for something quiet and secluded or enjoy the hustle and bustle of the more popular spots, The Bahamas has the beach for you! To help you find your happy place, we’ve compiled a list of four beaches you have to check out.

Location #1: ONE Cable Beach!

Waters: Calm
Atmosphere: Popular, fun

One of The Bahamas’ most popular beaches, Cable Beach is right on your doorstep. Take advantage of the wide range of amenities offered by the hotels and resorts, and enjoy activities such as sailing, snorkelling, jet skiing, and windsurfing. Lots of vendors are on site selling food, drinks and other souvenirs, and there are plenty of bars and restaurants to keep you going. Change from your bathing suit into your eveningwear and check out the exciting night life, try your luck at the Baha Mar Casino, or head into town for a fantastic fine dining experience.

Location #2:  Love Beach

Location: North Shore, 10 minutes west of One Cable Beach
Waters: Shallow and calm
Atmosphere: Secluded and romantic

Off the beaten trail and away from the popular tourist spots, Love Beach is quiet, relaxed and secluded. Famous for its part in James Bond’s Thunderball, and home to the Compass Point resort, Love Beach is aptly named as a great place for a romantic evening stroll. Just off shore is a gorgeous 40-acre coral reef, making it a great spot for snorkeling, scuba diving, or boating. It’s easy to miss if you’re driving, so keep an eye out for the Nirvana Love Beach sign just west of the Compass Point resort.

Location #3:  Sandy Toes Beach

Location: Rose Island, 25 minute boat ride from Nassau
Waters: Calm
Atmosphere: Private, fun, lots to do

Sandy Toes is an exclusive beach that can only be reached by charted boat from Nassau. Once onboard, you’ll get fantastic views of Nassau and Paradise Island before arriving at the private Rose Island. The one day excursion offers a full buffet lunch, snorkelling tours, sporting events, kayak and other rentals, and a fully stocked beach bar. Kick back in the hammock garden, get a massage, and listen to some great island music while enjoying the warm waters of your own private island. The island can also be booked for exclusive private events and has overnight luxury vacation rentals and villas available for rent.

Location #4: Cabbage Beach

Location: North Shore of Paradise Island, 10 minute walk from Thirty Six condos
Waters: Rough in the winter, but calm in the summer
Atmosphere: Busy, action packed, lots to do

Cabbage Beach is a 3 mile stretch of dazzling white sand along the north shores of Paradise Island. Named one of the best beaches in the world, Cabbage Beach is home to the Bahamas’ biggest resorts, including Atlantis, Hotel Riu Palace and the One & Only Ocean Club. This makes the western end of the beach a popular spot for tourists and hotel guests. As you head east however, the crowds thin out until you eventually have nothing between you and the open waters. There’s plenty to see and do no matter where you set up your beach umbrella and you can cap off a great day of sunbathing or water sports with fantastic fine dining, shopping or the casino located inside the beachfront resorts.

Have a favorite beach spot you’d like to share?  We’d love to hear about it in the comments below!