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There’s a reason the Bahamas is one of the top fishing destinations for anglers around the world. With a large variety of fish in many different locations and environments, the Bahamas offers a challenging and enjoyable day out for sport fishers of all skill levels.

You don’t have to venture far from your luxury condo to find a fantastic charter like Bahamas Executive Charter, which is less than 15 minutes away from your One Cable Beach or Thirty Six condo. So if you’re looking to hook an elusive bonefish, land some of the largest tuna in the Atlantic, or experience the excitement of catching a blue marlin or wahoo, you’ll want to check out the following top locations for fishing in the Bahamas.


Located less than 50 miles off of Florida, Bimini is the self-proclaimed “Sport fishing capital of the world”. Famous for its blue marlin (the Bahamas national fish), wahoo and bluefin tuna, record setting catches are made frequently here as the warm waters of the Gulf Stream give the fish plenty of opportunity to eat and grow. Coveted by fisherman and sportsman around the world, Bimini has hosted some of the most legendary and famous anglers. In fact, many of the scenes from Old Man and the Sea and Islands in the Stream are based on Ernest Hemmingway’s first-hand experience fishing in Bimini.


Fishing in the BahamasIf Bimini is the sport fishing capital of the world, Andros is definitely the bonefishing capital of the world. The island of Andros is renowned for its world-class schools of bonefish that thrive in the numerous mangroves and flats. Beyond that, Andros Island is separated from New Providence by the Tongue of the Ocean, a 3,600 foot trench that offers incredible deep-sea trawling for tuna, mahi-mahi, wahoo, red snapper and grouper. Bring your catch of the day back to one of the many lodges on the coast of Andros to be fried up and served for a delicious, locally flavored dinner.

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San Salvador

Once thought to be the first landing point of Columbus, the small and lightly populated island of San Salvador is a great place for serious fishers to visit year round. While it’s become known as the place to fish for wahoo in the winter, you can also find blue marlin and tuna swimming undisturbed in the waters just minutes from the resort. And with miles of flats surrounding the island, you can quickly switch out your gear to try and catch the speedy and elusive bonefish. Stunning shallow-water reefs, numerous deep sea hot spots and an abundance of sandy beaches make San Salvador a true paradise for the most experienced sport fishers.

Nassau and Paradise Island

As the most populated and developed island in the Bahamas, New Providence isn’t always thought of as a top fishing destination. But that doesn’t mean you have to venture far from your One Cable Beach or Thirty Six luxury condo to get a fantastic fishing experience. Nassau and Paradise Island are home to a considerable number of deep sea charters, fishing tournaments and even some bonefishing hot beds throughout the year. Whether you’re an expert angler or novice looking for a great afternoon, you’ll find a helpful guide with a well-equipped fishing boat ready to get you out on the waters off of New Providence.

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